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Landlord Fees 


Before Marketing Begins: 

● Have you registered your property with Rent Smart Wales? 

● Please ask for the Rent Smart Wales compliance letter for clients – their charges apply. 

Initial, future fees and charges for the Find a Tenant service and Managed tenancies: 

● Energy performance certificate: £75.00 inc VAT if applicable. Renewable annually. 

● Landlords gas safety certificate: £75.00 inc VAT if applicable. Renewable annually. 

● Electrical installation condition report: Starting from £180.00 + VAT per report. Price depending on size of property. If applicable. Renewable every 5 years. 

● Portable appliance testing from £40.00 inc VAT for 5-10 items. Renewable annually. 

● Installation of smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors: £25.00 inc VAT per item. 


Find a tenant service: 

● £425.00 inc VAT per new tenancy 

Options for additional lettings work available: 

● Prepare and arrange to have signed renewal Tenancy Agreements for every 6 or 12 month period, at a cost of £75.00 inc VAT. Payable prior to issuing new tenancy agreements. 

● Where applicable, as instructed by the landlord, serve any written notice and proof of posting to the tenant at a cost of £75.00 inc VAT. Payable 7 days prior to serving notices. 

● Periodic property inspections with photo evidence and report. Can be carried out every 3 / 6 or 12 months at the clients instruction. The cost for this service is £75.00 inc VAT. This is payable 7 days prior to the check out appointment. 

● Check out: At the end of the tenancy, carry out a full inspection against the schedule of condition, collect keys, take final meter readings, Photo inventory and notify the appropriate utilities of the change of tenancy. The cost for this service is £150.00 inc VAT. This is payable 7 days prior to the check-out appointment. 


Managed service: 

● £295.00 find a tenant fee plus the monthly management fee of 12% of the achieved monthly rental amount. 

● Tenancy agreement renewals £50.00 

● Guarantor Checks: £95.00 

● Tenant reference checks per adult £35.00 

● 10% of invoice cost, Maintenance fee, for all authorised works / maintenance issues resolved and instructed by ABC Lettings Ltd 


All of our fees are inclusive of VAT. 

The method of payment of all the above fees and costs is that we will deduct the amounts payable from the rent received before paying the net mount to the landlord. Alternatively, if the cost of the work is greater than one month’s rent, we may request payment up front by direct bank transfer.



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